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privateThis is a client only area of the website, all of the private galleries in this section are locked.  If you do not have your own private gallery, please return to the main Photography Gallery, thanks.

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  • Select your own private gallery from the directory below.
  • When your gallery page opens enter your password.                                   

Please note, your password is case sensitive and will only allow you to access your own gallery.  Contact us if your have forgotten your password, or if you have any other problems accessing your gallery.  Please note, new passwords will only be issued to the Customer, not to any individuals ‘acting on their behalf’.

Galleries are published on the website for a limited time.  If you find you gallery has been taken down, please contact us.  Until the images are purchased we routinely publish them with a feint monochrome Sselroc Photography logo watermark across the image, and they are in a low resolution format.  See the ‘about / blog’ page to remove the logo and for more details.

Important note, your computer may ‘remember’ your password depending upon your own security, privacy and cookie settings etc.  To prevent any unauthorized access, you may need to delete your browsing history, cookies and close your browser when you have finished viewing.

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